Do You Know the Feeding Rate For Your Horse Feed?
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Does My Horse Need a Diet or Exercise Change?
I recently taught an Equine Nutrition class to a group of seniors at an area college.  Our focus for the classroom lecture was dietary assessment by body condition scoring, weight and topline evaluation.   After the lecture I conducted a lab … Continue reading

Blood Circulation Matters to Horses
Your horse’s circulation impacts many areas of his life and health,  delivering oxygen and nutrients to every cell in his body while aiding in various body functions. Because of this, good circulation offers many tangible benefits. It helps to keep … Continue reading

Will Too Much Protein Cause Developmental Disorders in my Growing Horse?
Protein is a very important part of every horse’s diet.  Horses of all ages, developmental stages, activity levels, and reproductive status have essential amino acid requirements, amino acids being the building blocks of protein, and are what determine the quality … Continue reading

What are Essential Amino Acids in Protein, and Why Do They Matter?
Nutrition articles frequently refer to protein quality and essential amino acids. When we use the term crude protein, we are essentially talking about a calculation based on measured nitrogen. Protein is about 16% nitrogen by weight, so if we measure … Continue reading

First Aid Horse Essentials
Being prepared to immediately give your horse first aid in the event of an illness or injury might make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. It’s wise to be prepared in case something happens, and an equine … Continue reading

Does My Senior Horse Need Calories or Protein?
There are some common questions come up when we talk about what happens to horses as they age and why their bodies change shape: Does my good old horse need more calories (energy) or more protein? He is out on … Continue reading

Summer Barn Room Makeover
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Feeding Sunflower Seeds to Horses
Sunflower seeds come in 2 basic classifications with some specialized varieties in each. Black oil sunflower seeds are primarily produced for sunflower oil production, and striped sunflower seeds are primarily produced for confectionary/human consumption. Black oil sunflower seeds will be … Continue reading

Summer Horse Grooming Care
While it’s a priority to look pristine during the show circuit summer months, grooming is also important for health and comfort. Whether it’s a lazy day in the pasture, or your horse is active with training and riding, the summer … Continue reading