What are Essential Amino Acids in Protein, and Why Do They Matter?
Nutrition articles frequently refer to protein quality and essential amino acids. When we use the term crude protein, we are essentially talking about a calculation based on measured nitrogen. Protein is about 16% nitrogen by weight, so if we measure … Continue reading

First Aid Horse Essentials
Being prepared to immediately give your horse first aid in the event of an illness or injury might make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. It’s wise to be prepared in case something happens, and an equine … Continue reading

Does My Senior Horse Need Calories or Protein?
There are some common questions come up when we talk about what happens to horses as they age and why their bodies change shape: Does my good old horse need more calories (energy) or more protein? He is out on … Continue reading

Summer Barn Room Makeover
Summertime is an excellent time to give the inside of your barn a fresher, more organized look. If you’re short on space or your barn interior is looking old and tired, these ideas can help you revamp your barn room … Continue reading

Feeding Sunflower Seeds to Horses
Sunflower seeds come in 2 basic classifications with some specialized varieties in each. Black oil sunflower seeds are primarily produced for sunflower oil production, and striped sunflower seeds are primarily produced for confectionary/human consumption. Black oil sunflower seeds will be … Continue reading

Summer Horse Grooming Care
While it’s a priority to look pristine during the show circuit summer months, grooming is also important for health and comfort. Whether it’s a lazy day in the pasture, or your horse is active with training and riding, the summer … Continue reading

Salt Blocks are Not a Complete Feed
As a feed consultant I hear quite often “My horse has plenty of hay and a salt block with selenium. That’s enough to meet all his nutrition needs, right?” My answer is always, resoundingly, “NO.” The truth of the matter … Continue reading

When Is It Time for Senior Horse Feed?
One question I am frequently asked by horse owners is “when should I switch my older horse to senior feed?” It is interesting to note that 30-35% of the current horse populations in the US are “Seniors”. Surveys show 54% … Continue reading

Selenium Levels for Horses
As a horse owner, you may have heard about selenium levels and that you need to be concerned with them.  But why? Technical reason: selenium is a key trace mineral in equine diets because it is a major component of … Continue reading

Manage Pasture to Help Control Horse Feed Costs
Managing pasture can be a very important tool in controlling feeding cost for all livestock, particularly horses being kept on small acreages.  If pasture is going to provide a substantial amount of the required nutrition for a horse, it takes … Continue reading